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Collaborating Artists

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Brandon Freeman
Guest Dancer

Brandon Freeman, better known as "Private", hails from Colorado. He started dancing at Colorado State University and with Canyon Concert Ballet, before a very successful 12-year career with ODC. In the Bay Area, Private has also had the privilege of working with Berkeley Ballet Theater, Marin Ballet, Western Ballet, Peninsula Ballet, Mark Foehringer Dance Project, Stephen Pelton Dance Theater, Deborah Slater Dance Theater, Janice Garrett and Dancers, Kevin Ware, Katie Faulkner (Little Seismic Dance), and Sonya Delwaide; and was a principle dancer in the movie, 'The Matrix II: Reloaded.' Mr. Freeman earned an Isadora Duncan Award, with Brian Fisher, for Ensemble Performance in 2002, and received a nomination for Individual Performance in 2004 for his role in Brenda Way?s ?Investigating Grace.? In addition to teaching modern dance in the bay area (including Dance for Parkinson?s Disease), he plays the cello, and is a Military Police Sergeant in the California Army National Guard. Private gratefully acknowledges all who have influenced his dance career, specifically Brenda, KT, Sonya, and Randy.

Photo by Andrea Basile