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Carla Kihlstedt

From the acoustic composers collective Tin Hat, to the experimental rock band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, to the purveyors of song, 2 Foot Yard, Carla Kihlstedt has developed an identity that has roots in a wide array of musical genres. Though the cornerstone of her musical vocabulary comes from her initial classical training as a violinist (Peabody Institute, and the San Francisco and Oberlin Conservatories of Music) her work now reaches far beyond the concert hall. She has spent most of the last 10 years touring Europe and States extensively as a violinist, singer, composer and improviser. In the classical realm, she has premiered the works Lisa Bielawa and of the late Jorge Liderman, and has been a soloist at the MATA festival in New York, the Ojai Music Festival, the Armenian Gallery Festival, as well as with the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. She has written many scores for dance and theater (Flyaway Productions, inkBoat, the Joe Goode Performance Group, Deborah Slater Dance Theater), and has created a project called Causing a Tiger with Matthias Bossi and Shahzad Ismaily based around field recordings from her travels. With poet Rafael Oses, she has written a staged song cycle called Necessary Monsters for seven performers, based on Jorge Luis Borges Book of Imaginary Beings. Black River, a 2-disc recording of her duo with pianist Satoko Fujii, was just released on Tzadik, and (thanks to a grant from the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation) her new piece for the ROVA Saxophone Quartet will be premiered at the Other Minds Festival in San Francisco. She also eagerly anticipates the February, 2010 release of Ragged Atlas - the debut cd of Cosa Brava, which is Fred Friths most recent and long-awaited band, including Carla, Zeena Parkins, Matthias Bossi, and The Norman Conquest.

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