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Jocelynn Rudig

Jocelynn Rudig came to San Francisco from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Biology in 2000. She, then, promptly began her career as a professional dancer and hasn?t looked back since. Although she still uses her Biology degree in her studies of Herbal Medicine and to help her relate to the world around her, Jocelynn will always love to dance. She has toured nationally and internationally with The International Ballet Theatre, Capacitor, Liss Fain Dance, and North Coast Dance. Jocelynn enjoys dancing on the ground as well as up in the air in a harness, in a lyra or on the tissue. When she is not rehearsing and performing, Jocelynn escapes to her second home on the Klamath River to commune with her plant friends and to enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness. Jocelynn is excited to be diving into the world of Deborah Slater Dance Theater.