Deborah Slater Dance Theater - Studio 210 Residency Performance: Marina Fukushima & Beth Wilmurt

Top: Marina Fukushima Bottom: Beth Wilmurt
Photo by Top Photo by Isak Immanuel; Bottom Photo by Pak Han; Edited by Alec White

Studio 210 Residency Performance: Marina Fukushima & Beth Wilmurt

July 24th and 25th 2015

Performance of Studio 210 Residency 2014
Presented by Studio 210 Summer Residency / Deborah Slater Dance Theater


An intergeneration evening of performances by Marina Fukushima and Beth Wilmurt.

Join us at Studio 210 in the Mission District of San Francisco for performances by two acclaimed Bay Area artists. After a two month long rehearsal intensive process with mentorship by Deborah Slater, Fukushima and Wilmurt will present the fruits of their artistic labor to be followed by an in-depth audience feedback session on what they have created. Come experience their art and provide insight into the future of these projects!

For her residency, Marina Fukushima will be developing her work “Place for Family in Dance,” created in collaboration with her parents Hiroki Fukushima and Michiko Fukushima. Three years ago, Fukushima’s parents immigrated to the US to live with her and continue pursuing their careers as visual artists. Theprojectwill bring together herpractice as a dancer, her mother’s practice as aceramics artist and painter, and her father's practice as ametal sculptorto explore how family influences the creation of artwork. This interdisciplinary and intergenerational work will bring the Fukushima family together on stage to tell their story.

For her residency, Beth Wilmurt will be developing her work “TEN,” a performance about artistic history, age, and power to be performed by Wilmurt and a ten year-old performer. The work is Wilmurt’s personal response to the past ten years of the Bay Area’s local arts scene. It’s a meditation on aging and the opportunities time’s passing affords us and steals from us. She will develop the text for the work with contributions from two ten-year olds, Asha Sager and Emma Jean Brown, with Sager performing with Wilmurt on stage. Sager, the ten year-old performer, serves as a narrator, a demarcator of the years, and a symbol of youth as Wilmurt performs a work inspired by ten chosen performances from her artistic history.

About the Studio 210 Summer Residency:

The 210 Summer Residency supports Bay Area artists in need of space to make their work. DSDT is happy to make a rare offer of rehearsal space, performance opportunities, peer support and professional feedback from Deborah Slater. The residency is intended as a vehicle for artists to hone their skills, experiment, and dive in to making performance. It is currently open to dedicated artists of all performance disciplines. 

For more information about the residency, click here.