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DSDT Summer Workshop Series

Aug 21-25, 2017

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August 21-25, 2017
Monday to Friday 10 AM - 4 PM

Technique in the morning, Workshops in the afternoon.

Join us for Summer! Deborah Slater Dance Theater will be offering a week-long workshop series for artists of all disciplines taught by company members Heather Arnett, Colin Epstein, Anna Greenberg, Derek Harris, Meegan Hertensteiner, Jenny McAllister, and Artistic Director Deborah Slater.

Our 2017 Summer Workshop series will feature technique in the morning and a selection of classes in the afternoon covering partnering, acrobatic skills, repertory, character work, improvisation and directing feedback.

Daily a la carte registration is available!

[MONDAY] Choreography Workshop - with teachers Anna Greenberg, Heather Arnett, Meegan Hertensteiner & Derek Harris. Students will explore their inherent movement qualities and the fundamentals of choreography in an environment that is welcoming, positive, and safe. A place where you can try out ideas, succeed and make mistakes, and ultimately make one small solo and one small group work.

[TUESDAY] Partnering Workshop - with teachers Meegan Hertensteiner & Derek Harris. The day will begin with an hour of mixed level warm-up in the morning and after lunch, we will reconnect with our bodies and with partners and move into learning DSDT partnering repertory. At the end of the day, we will explore how to generate partnering material using tools and input everything learned throughout the day.

[WEDNESDAY] Physical Theater & Character Development Workshop - with teachers Jenny McAllister & Meegan, and Colin Epstein. The day will start with a mixed-level movement class in the morning to warm up our bodies, then we will learn a short character-based partner sequence from the company’s repertory. In the afternoon we’ll give you specific tools to create your own individual characters, then work in small groups to tear apart the repertory sequence and reassemble it based on your characters’ choices. You’ll walk away with a new understanding of how to use your body more mindfully on stage, in any performance capacity.

[THURSDAY] Acrobatics Workshop - with teachers Colin Epstein & Jenny McAllister. This day of the workshop will introduce dancers to acrobatic skills and concepts designed to expand their movement vocabulary. The day will begin with a release technique based class emphasizing inversions and floor work, and after lunch, we will isolate and explore individual acrobatic tricks and techniques.

[FRIDAY] Repertory Workshop - with teachers Meegan Hertensteiner, Heather Arnett & Deborah Slater.
Mixed Level technique class with partnering fundamentals including how to share weight and create choreography with different partners. After lunch, we will learn DSDT partnering repertoire that will help you apply these new tools.

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Photos from left to right: Weidong Yang, Robbie Sweeny, Liz Payne, Jeff Isenberg, Pak Han, Deborah Slater