Deborah Slater Dance Theater - Combustible

Combustible (2018)
In Civility: Pt. 2 Outrage Machine

What does it mean that we, as a society, have gone into a behavioral retrograde at such an astonishing rate? How is it that what was inappropriate, unthinkable, cruel, ignorant, racist, and sexist… has been made acceptable, even ‘normal’ in such a short period of time? Technology has transformed the manner in which we perceive and interact with the world around us, but has it transformed us?

And yet… technology that augments an artist’s hand or a dancer’s body offers the promise of unmatched expressivity: cool blue mists fall from our forms during moments of ease, flames of red and orange shoot from our hands when we’re angered, and phosphorescent orbs of light fly to and from our hearts in moments of connection. Can we instead dance with our common humanity, enhanced by the very technology that so often is used to wedge us apart? The potential of such a technological, personal, and social transformation is what we hope to express with our performance.