Deborah Slater Dance Theater - Studio 210 Residency 2014

Studio 210 Residency 2014 (2014)

"pant legses of the Universe" by Erin Malley

After 12 years of creating multimedia dance performances, Malley stepped into filmmaking last year. Now, she re-investigates the choreographic process using the tools of filmmaking, treating each step of the choreographic process as though it were a film.  Her new work "pant legses of the Universe" explores split, broken or divided personas. What would it look like for one person to inhabit a multiverse with all versions present to the viewer simultaneously?

"Keeper of My Heart's Odd Secrets" by Emma Jaster
Why do we still get married, and what does it mean to do so?  Perhaps the simplest answer, love, is in fact the most complex. "Keeper of My Heart's Odd Secrets" is a piece about love and partnership  the myths, tropes, jokes, and truths It blends theater, dance, audio installation and party games: arranged like an actual wedding ceremony; guests are invited in as friends and family to witness a marriage. The ceremony draws on strange customs and accepted traditions, questioning and playing with them along the way.

About the Studio 210 Annual Summer Residency

The 210 Studio Residency offers a free workspace for dance and theater artists seeking to invest time and effort in their work, engage with experienced professionals in the field, connect to the dance and theater communities, and develop their audiences. A panel of local artists selects two applicants, who receive free rehearsal space for a period of two months, the opportunity to stage a performance in a 50-seat black box theater, as well as the support, feedback, and one-on-one mentorship of Deborah Slater, Artistic Director of Deborah Slater Dance Theater