Deborah Slater Dance Theater - Studio 210 Residency 2018

Studio 210 Residency 2018 (2018)
Two artists are given two months of free studio space, peer dialogue, and mentorship by Deborah Slater to parse out their artistic endeavors.

Deborah Slater Dance Theater and Studio 210 present Julie Crothers and Kuan-Hsuan Lee in a double bill evening of research and conversation. Join us for this annual forum that invests in local artists, providing them with space and mentorship over two months.

Secondhand by Julie Crothers

Baby arms, robo arms, swimming arms, old gloves, and broken off fingers - all sitting untouched in a box at the top of my closet. A timeline of the life of a congenital amputee. What can be discovered by circling back, unpacking the box, and repurposing my prosthetics as I examine my current relationship to my extra arms, not as something I rely on for comfort or security, but as something absurd, potentially useful, and still deeply personal. I'm curious about how the brain views a body in motion when it has to fill in the holes versus when the holes are filled by something artificial. I'm curious about gestures that hold space for an invisible arm compared to those that don't. Specifically, I'm curious about what would happen if the left sleeve in my long sleeve shirt grew to 3 feet, 6 feet, 12 feet, so long that eventually all of me is all tangled up in excess, excess of something that was never necessary in the first place.

[Untitled] by Kuan-Hsuan Lee

Coming from a strong piece on feminism and female stereotypes in Artificial Nana, Lee looks forward to developing a new physically challenging duet (as yet untitled) that documents the viscerality of power dynamics between individuals through the lens of their presentations. What does it mean to overstay one’s welcome in a relationship? Why would exaggerations such as begging become apparent?