Deborah Slater Dance Theater - Studio 210 Rental

Studio 210 Rental

One of the first tenants in the ‘Old Sears Building’, Studio 210 has been in existence since 1980. Founding members include Deborah Slater, Michele Larsson and Jenny DeBouzek. Hundreds of teachers, performers, directors, photographers, filmmakers and fashion designers have used the space over the years.  Selected renters include Octavio Solis (playwright), Jessie Hewitt (writer/director), Kim Epifano (choreographer), Lauren Elder (visual artist), Giselle Shepatin (clothing designer), Kathleen Hermesdorff & Albert Mathias (choreographer & musician), Julie Hébert (writer/director/playwright), Ellie Herman (Pilates), Bare Bones Butoh (a fiscally sponsored project) and BATS (theater improvisation) to name but a very few. Ms. Slater is the Artistic Director of the space as well as Artistic Director of the resident company, Deborah Slater Dance Theater. 


Studio 210 is a performance, as well as a rehearsal space, and has featured groups such as Rapid Descent Theater Company, Chris Black Dance, Nols Simonse, Rosemary Hannon, Detour Dance, Scott Wells, David Herrera & Company, Rogelio Lopez, Deborah Slater Dance Theater and Giulio Cesare Perrone’s Opera Theater.  In a time of shrinking budgets loss of unobstructed space, Studio 210 has provided subsidized rentals, fostering up and coming dancers, choreographers, directors, visual artists, photographers and teachers.  2013 marks the 33rd consecutive year that the studio has been in business.


Recent improvements & accomplishments include the acquisition of new lighting equipment; Bare Bones Butoh’s run of over 25 performances in the last 3 years; and the Studio 210 Residency Program, offering free space, mentorship and a performance to two deserving young choreographers and/or directors a year, who might not otherwise have access to any or all of these things. 

Studio 210 is available for rehearsals, classes, photoshoots, readings & performances.  Write to or leave a message at 415-267-7687 for more information. 

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