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Booking Children's Programming

Animals of the Galapagos

Voyaging to the Galapagos Islands, the assembly combines dance, theater and music with an educational component exploring the exotic creatures that inspired Charles Darwin to create his Theory of Evolution. Students and teachers alike will laugh and learn as a playful scientist narrates the journey to this remote and magical location while professional dancers use their bodies to model the movements and gestures of these unique and colorful animals.

Props in Performance

DSDT’s most recent shows for Elementary Schools are about the use of objects in live performance. We bring several of the props we use and explain, by doing, how an object can become a dance partner, someone to have an argument with, a physics lesson or a plain old prop. We bring things like a table, chairs, flippers and include duets that show how we can use a dance partner like an object to bear weight, to be held up by and to share space with. After our showcase, we ask children questions about what they’ve seen so they can practice putting into words something that has just interested them.


Survival of the Fit Enough
photo by Tim Isom