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Booking Workshops / Residencies


Physical Theater Workshops for Artists of All Disciplines 

Are you looking for new ways to create source material? How do you locate source material? How do you transform it into your art form? How do you translate it for an audience?

2015 Della Davidson Prize recipient Deborah Slater will draw on her 30 years of experience to address these questions, providing structure, guidance and support for you to learn new ways of creating work for audiences. You will:
* create new material
* gain specific, repeatable tasks to use in your own creative process 
* use tools of writing, moving and vocalization
* do experiments you never thought to try 
* end up somewhere you didn’t expect to be

Let’s experiment together. It is fun and focused. We will think through questions together, playing and creating.

Deborah is available to present this workshop at other locations.
Booking Contact:
Dalton Valerio

Dancers Yayoi Kambura and Eric Miller in The Sleepwatchers