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Allen Willner
Lighting Designer

Allen Willner is a director, designer, writer and musician, He returned to the Bay Area after collaborations in New York City with Kenn Watt’s 5th Floor on “K.” , Richard Schechner’s East Coast Artists on “Yokastas” and Tanya Calamoneri & Cassie Terman on “Art of Memory”. He continues to work with Shinichi Momo Koga’s inkBoat and has created and collaborated on inkBoat performances of “Heaven’s Radio”, “Onion”, “Tasting an Ocean”, “ Cockroach” and “Glass Head”. In 2003 Allen directed and designed inkBoat’s “Heaven’s absurdist butoh play” which received 4 Isadora Duncan dance award nominations including the 2004 Isadora Duncan Award for the Lighting and Stage Design. Allen was also nominated for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award for the “Visual Design” of inkBoat’s Butoh Performance “Cockroach” and received a Dean Goodman lighting design award in 2000 for his design of Ingabor Weinmann’s “Don’t Look, Don’t Ask” . He has received Meet The Composer Grants for his music compositions for Richard Schechner’s “Yokastas” in 2005 and “Heaven’s Radio” in 2003. He has also received grants from the Zellerbach Foundation and the CASH Fund. Allen has designed lights and sound for many artists from the SF Bay Area and New York City including Richard Schechner, Karen Finley, The Billy Nayer Show, Tanya Calamoneri, The Dresden Dolls, Renne Harris, Kim Epifano, Krista Denio, Paige Sorvillo, Angus Balbernie, Lunatique Fantastique, Kraft & Purver, Megan Nicely, Scott Wells & Dancers, Dance Brigade, World Arts West , RAPT and The Rova Saxaphone Quartet.

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