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  • Photos and press blurbs from most recent company work, starting with inCIVILITY: P.2 Outrage Machine.

    Press Blurb: inCIVILITY: P.2 Outrage Machine by Deborah Slater Dance Theater & John Fesenko interrogates technology’s role in transforming how we perceive and interact with the world of others, normalizing unthinkable behavior through the guise of screens.

And yet, technology that augments an artist’s hand or a dancer’s body offers the promise of unmatched expressivity, making visual the experiences we are having internally and with each other, and perhaps helping us better connect. Instead of succumbing to media-fueled outrage, can we instead dance with our common humanity, enhanced by the very technology that so often is used to wedge us apart?

inCIVILITY: P.2 Outrage Machine is presented by CounterPulse through the Combustible Lab. From CounterPulse:

Combustible is a lab for intersecting art practices from dance and technology, carving a place to be deeply inquisitive and experiment on the edge of what is known. This year we present works that confront fractured geographies, behavioral retrograde, and the digital divides in our everyday lives. In a city deconstructed, can technology help us form connections?”

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