In the Presence of Absence

In the Presence of Absence is a project directed by Deborah Slater, in collaboration with culture curator/equity consultant Tammy Johnson, exploring how the chaotic impact of the Pandemic, climate change, racialized violence, political insurrection and war is, simultaneously, a universally shared experience and a uniquely individual one dependent on race, financial status, age, gender-orientation, disability, etc.  Through interviews with local and national community members; collaboration with performing artists (DSDT dancers, composer Marcus Shelby) and partnering with spoken word creators from Youth Speaks, writers from Cosmic Elders and actor Patricia Silver from Word for Word, In the Presence of Absence sheds light on moments big and small have brought us to the present moment.  It is a dance/theater performance premiering in Fall 2023.

Interview Excerpts

Poignant responses from the interview process. More responses coming soon!

Performance Excerpts

In tandem with the interview process, Deborah Slater has been working with her dance company in the studio, developing performance material based on the dancers' personal stories. View excerpts from solos by each company member, performed as part of the work-in-progress showing of In the Presence of Absence in April 2022.

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