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Videos from home,

As we’ve gone through the Pandemic year, it has become clear that working online is essential to artistic survival and will not go away when we can gather again. Artistic Director Slater knew she didn’t know how to make good virtual content and realized that lots of other folks were in the same boat.  

We brainstormed ideas and realized that our space, with its theatrical set-up, could ultimately become a great place to record videos or livestream classes and performances.  And since spaces are not yet open to larger groups, we decided to begin with the basics - videos on how to make pieces at home, how to have good sound, and how to make work for social media.  Our goal is to make video training & production easily accessible to all who need it.

We’ve fundraised for equipment, written grants like demons, and gathered a fabulously talented group of creators to launch...

Another Way of Looking (AwoL)

We have the resources you need to help you create virtual content, expand your accessible offerings, and reach new audiences both near and far. As more and more artists are switching to digital platforms and more audiences expect virtual productions, let us help you gain the skills you need to expand to the virtual world! 

Video Tutorials

Through AWoL, Deborah Slater Dance Theater & Studio 210 seek to focus on artists, performers, and choreographers. As a starting point, Clare Schweitzer, Jacob Marks & Aaron Gold have created online courses designed to guide novices through the basics necessary to produce virtual performance content. Check them out below!

Videography 101:
Optimizing Your Mobile Device for Dance Documentation

In this course, video and dance artist Clare Schweitzer will cover methods of capturing dance on video with equipment you may already have in your pocket!

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Editing 101:
Creating Videos for Social Media

Taught by professional videographer and editor Jacob Marks, this course will teach you to create engaging social media content from footage you already have.

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Audio 101:
Recording and

In this course led by professional composer and sound engineer Aaron M Gold, learn the basics of recording and processing your own sound.

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About Another Way of Looking

Another Way of Looking (AWoL) is a project of Deborah Slater Dance Theater that aims to provide valuable resources to the performing arts community. By creating educational opportunities and connections to professionals, AWoL allows artists to develop the skill sets necessary for producing virtual content, increasing accessible offerings, and expanding reach to a wider range of audiences! Working methods and models normalized during pandemic closures will remain an important part of creating and presenting dance work, and we want to provide the tools to artists so that they are prepared to go boldly into the world of virtual rehearsals, performances, classes, and more!

Future plans include:
  • Educational Opportunities for Artists -- A variety of classes will be offered, designed to expand performing artists' and content creators' skills to better thrive in the virtual world. Classes will include such topics as videography, sound and composition, and dance for camera.

  • Studio Rental for Video Production -- Individuals or groups (dependent on current COVID-19 restrictions) may rent the space for rehearsal or video production. Renters would have access to professional lighting equipment and full studio space. Renters would provide their own camera equipment, videographer and lighting designer.

  • Video Production Assistance -- Individuals or groups (dependent on current COVID-19 restrictions) may schedule a video shoot with a professional videographer co-ordinated by Studio 210. Video production rentals may be used to document a class or performance or to live stream a class or performance to the renter’s audience.

In order to develop these multiple  areas, we need funding to cover purchasing and installing necessary equipment, advertising, and support personnel. To be able to offer this resource on a sliding payment scale to our community, we are actively seeking funders to underwrite rental costs for artists.