The Studio 210 Summer Residency

We are pleased to announce the 2020 resident artists for the 210 Summer Residency: 
pateldanceworks and Cosmic Elders Theatre Ensemble

pateldanceworks creates queer, feminist movement art that focuses on the intersection of embodied philosophy and dynamic sensation over stagnant form. As a trauma informed, social justice oriented dancemaker, Bhumi B. Patel prioritizes collaborative processes in her work. Dancers and Patel combine interests to explore pain, grief, body memory, and awareness. Patel makes multidisciplinary art to learn how to embrace the contradictions of her inner landscape where she is a brown, queer, working class woman. Moving through the world as a queer artist of colour, the pursuit of collective safety is both an act of labor and of necessity. Making art is her way of coping with the world at the moment.



Photo by: Lydia Daniller; Pictured: Danielle Galvez!


Cosmic Elders Theatre Ensemble is an irreverent group of performance makers born out of a weekly class called Improv and Theatre Games for Seniors (aged 60 and up) offered through the city's Recreation and Parks Department. Since 2015, they've cultivated an environment of creative risk-taking and playfulness for them to boldly express themselves and share personal stories inside theatrical forms, led by Director/Facilitator Evan Johnson. These older actors share a desire to shatter society’s assumptions about seniors while sharing original stories with courage and dignity.  Johnson has witnessed firsthand just how profound this level of sharing can be and wants to elevate their bravery while crafting a universal story about the search for home, the need for community and the decision to embrace the unknown.  


Photo by Jim Watkins;  Pictured: Cosmic Elders Theatre Ensemble!

The 2020 residency will run from June 1st - August 1st, 2020.

The 210 Summer Residency supports Bay Area artists in need of space to make their work. DSDT is happy to make a rare offer of rehearsal space, performance opportunities, peer support and professional mentorship and feedback from Deborah Slater. The residency is intended as a vehicle for artists to hone their skills, experiment, and dive into making performance. It is open to dedicated artists of all performance disciplines.

A panel selects two individual artists or companies who will be offered rehearsal space free of charge at Studio 210 for eight weeks, along with mentorship by Deborah Slater and a final culminating performance at the end of the Summer where the artists ask questions of the audience.

For further details and questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at your text here! 

Check out these highlights from the performance and process of our most recent residents–

Nol Simonse with Miche Wong, and Emelia (Jubilee July) Martínez Brumbaugh

Former Residency Artists:

2019 Residency: Emelia (Jubilee July) Martínez Brumbaugh & Nol Simonse with Miche Wong

2018 Residency: Julie Crothers & Kuan-Hsuan Lee

2017 Residency: 13th Floor & Sarah Cecilia

2016 Residency: Tammy Johnson & Larry / Laura Arrington

2015 Residency: Marina Fukushima & Beth Wilmurt

2014 Residency: Emma Jaster, Erin Malley

2013 Residency: Chris Black, Megan Finlay

2012 Residency: Rosemary Hannon, Nol Simonse

Julie Crothers, 2018 Resident, photo by Tim Isom
Julie Crothers, 2018 Resident, photo by Tim Isom

Studio 210 Residency Portfolio