Now in its 16th cycle, The Studio 210 Residency is a vehicle for Bay Area artists to hone their skills, experiment, and dive into making performance. The residency makes the rare offer of professional mentorship from Deborah Slater, financial support, and peer feedback, in addition to weekly rehearsal space and a culminating performance. 

Announcing Summer 2024 Residents...

Nico Maimon & Kat Lin

Culminating Performances:
July 26 & 27, 2024, 7pm PDT
In-Person & Livestreamed
In-Person @ Studio 210
3435 Cesar Chavez #210 San Francisco, CA
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About the Studio 210 Residency

The Studio 210 Residency supports Bay Area artists looking to develop a new project or deepen their practice by providing space to make their work, professional mentorship, an artist stipend, and a culminating performance to share their projects and connect with new audiences. The residency is intended as a vehicle for artists to hone their skills, experiment, and dive into making performance. It is currently open to dedicated artists of ALL performance disciplines (dance, music, theater,  etc.)
Each artist in residence receives:
  • Six hours of free rehearsal space a week for eight weeks (48 hours total) in Studio 210 located at 3435 Cesar Chavez in San Francisco;
  • Weekly one-on-one mentorship with Deborah Slater, Artistic Director of Deborah Slater Dance Theater. Slater will periodically attend rehearsals as desired by the Resident;
  • Two performances of 20 minutes or fewer per Resident with audience discussion and feedback. The final presentation does not have to be a completed piece. These performances can be explorations of ideas, a work-in-progress, or a showing of fragments of work. This is not a space for polishing existing work;
  • High quality photos + edited 2-camera video documentation of the culminating performance
  • An artist stipend provided by DSDT.
Who can apply to the Studio 210 Residency?
  • The Studio 210 Residency is open to artists in all performing arts disciplines (e.g., dance, theatre, music, etc.).  Groups/ensembles may apply but will need to identify a primary contact in the application and will need to clearly describe who will be involved and in what capacity in their project description. 
  • Applicants must have three years of professional experience in their field.  This does not include work done in college. If you do not have three years of professional experience and are interested in applying, please contact the Residency Coordinator at If you have fewer than three years of professional experience, please DO NOT submit an application before discussing with us.

Summer 2024 Residency Dates

Application opens: February 15, 2024
Application due: Friday, March 15, 2024 by 5pm PT
Artists in Residence: June 3 - July 27,  2024
Residency Performance: July 26 - 27, 2024
Apply Here
Residency FAQ
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    Former Studio 210 Residents:

    2024 Winter Residency: Emma Andre & Andrea Rodriguez

    2023 Summer  Residency: Jesse Escalante & Ky Frances

    2023 Winter  Residency: Alyssa Mitchel & Moscelyne ParkeHarrison +Anthony Pucci

    2022 Summer Residency: Xochipilli Dance Company/Héctor Jaime & Surabhi Bharadwaj 

    2022 Winter Residency: Isabel Umali & Preethi Ramaprasad

    2021 Summer Residency: Alyssandra Katherine Dance & Angela Arteritano

    2021 Winter Residency: Cynthia Ling Lee & Bahiya Movement/Afia & Nafi Thomson

    2020 Residency: Evan Johnson/Cosmic Elders Theatre Ensemble & Bhumi B. Patel/pateldanceworks

    2019 Residency: Emelia (Jubilee July) MartínezBrumbaugh & Nol Simonse with Miche Wong

    2018 Residency: Julie Crothers & Kuan-Hsuan Lee

    2017 Residency: 13th Floor & Sarah Cecilia

    2016 Residency: Tammy Johnson & Larry / Laura Arrington

    2015 Residency: Marina Fukushima & Beth Wilmurt

    2014 Residency: Emma Jaster, Erin Malley

    2013 Residency: Chris Black, Megan Finlay

    2012 Residency: Rosemary Hannon, Nol Simonse

    Julie Crothers, 2018 Resident, photo by Tim Isom
    Julie Crothers, 2018 Resident, photo by Tim Isom

    The Studio 210 Residency is supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.  Learn more at