Summer 2024 Residency

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Summer Residency Performance July 26 & 27, 2024

Join us in-person at Studio 210 or via livestream for an evening of performance and discussion as the Summer Residents present their projects.

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Livestream Conversation with Summer Residents +
Mentor Deborah Slater:
February 7, 2024 at 4pm PT

Tune in on YouTube as David Herrera discusses the residency process and projects with the two Winter 2024 residents, Emma Andre & Andrea Rodriguez.
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About the Resident Artists

Kat Lin


Kat Lin is a freelance dancer/choreographer based in the Bay Area. She’s been a featured artist with East Bay’s Performance Primers and shown work as a resident artist of Safehouse Arts. As a dancer, she has worked with Kinetech Arts on several shows over the past few years. 

Her choreography is an outlet for her curiosity - where she explores random topics - and an excuse to hang out with friends. She believes in letting curiosity guide her piece-making and is often inspired by scientific mechanics - whether it’s the double-slit experiment or telomere shortening. 

Her past/semi-present lives include being a wedding photographer and a freelance journalist, amongst other things.

Through the Studio 210 Residency, Kat will develop "the point," a new contemporary dance theater piece that contemplates one simple question—what is the point? Through movement and visual puns, this choreography is inspired by anything that misses or hits the point - the gesture of pointing, garden path sentences, pointe shoes, laser pointers, philosophy, mathematical points on a line, bullseye targets. We’ll pull from philosophy, math, pedestrian movement, and linguistics, and many other disciplines. The choreography unfolds as a series of vignettes, each offering glimpses into the elusive nature of meaning and understanding. The piece is all about the point of art—how we miss it, how we don't, and why we try to find it.

Photo of Kat Lin, Olesya Elfimova, Amber Gott by Erica Lin

Nico Maimon


Originally from Mexico City, Nico Ortiz Maimon is a queer Bay Area performer, choreographer, educator, and community organizer. She also works with children, performs drag, and plays drums in a punk band called gutfux. Nico has had the pleasure to work with Estrellx Supernova, Nina Haft, Bianca Cabrera, David Herrera, Christine Cali, Kim Ip, Eric Garcia, Cookie Harrist, and others. Her solo and collaborative film and live works have been supported by the QTBIPOC HIVE, PLATAFORMA, Joe Goode’s GUSH Fest, Queering Dance Festival (with Zoe Huey,) FRESH Festival exchange and others. An experimental improviser//alchemist at heart, their artistic journey revolves around joy as revolution, where love is the driving force. Through their creative endeavors, they aspire to address generational trauma, dismantle oppressive structures, and spark intentional and imaginative art-making. Nico's dedication to constructing systems beyond capitalism, coupled with their background in early childhood education, informs their commitment to nurturing environments of care and resilience within the dance community. Ultimately, Nico perceives her work as prefigurative queer activism, striving to construct a new world within the confines of the old.

Through the Studio 210 Residency, Nico Maimon (in collaboration with Kim Ip,) will begin to develop dance-theatre work, THIRTEEN, inspired by the 2013 film of the same name. Blending themes and aesthetics from the film with our own coming of age, we will explore themes of dark suburbia, mother-daughter complexities, substance abuse, and class divide. I hope to reveal the gut wrenching complexity of teenage girlhood, specifically as it is used as a tool for American assimilation.

Photo of Nico Maimon by Hillary Goidell

Live conversation with guest mentor David Herrera & Winter 2024 Residents
Check out the conversation with Emma Andre & Andrea Rodriguez as they discuss the topics they're exploring and the process of making their pieces.

Guest Mentor David Herrera


Guest Mentor David Herrera

David Herrera is a choreographer, producer, and community leader in San Francisco, California. He grew up in Hollywood, CA influenced by his culturally diverse neighborhood and his Mexican and American heritages. He advocates to provide Latinx/e/a/o and BIPOC artists performance opportunities while challenging non-equitable practices in the modern/contemporary dance field. In 2007, David Herrera Performance Company was launched in San Francisco as a direct response to the lack of Latinx/e visibility and representation in the U.S. dance field.

David has created over 30 new works including evening-length productions such as ÒRALE!, The Tip of My Tongue, The Least of Them, TOUCH, and Slumber. David’s work has been presented at the Austin Dance Festval, Mix&Match Festival, ODC's Walking-Distance Festival, Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, SJ Dance Company's "Choreoproject", and more. His dance and community impact work has gained the support of the San Francisco Arts Commission, California Arts Council, Zellerbach Family Foundation, Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, Center for Cultural Innovation, CA$H Grant, and the Puffin Foundation.

Beyond choreography, David also leads the national network and opportunity initiative Latinx Hispanic Dancers United which serves the national Latinx/e dance community and is the director and mentor of LatinXtensions, DHPCo’s 12-month mentorship program specifically curated for emerging Latinx/e dance artists.

David is a recipient of the National Latino Arts & Culture Leadership Fellowship and Hope Mohr Dance’s Community Engagement Residency. In 2023 David was announced as a Co-curator for the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival's "Choreofest". David will also serve as Deborah Slater's Studio 210 Residency mentor in 2024. He has served as advisor to the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, served on the Isadora Duncan Awards committee member, and is a founding member of Dancing Around Race.

Learn more about David Herrera Performance Company by visiting their website. Photo of David Herrera by Randy Basso

Mark Your Calendar:
Summer Residency Performance July 26 & 27, 2024

Join us in-person at Studio 210 or via livestream for an evening of performance and discussion! As a culmination to the residency, the Winter Residents present their projects followed by an in-depth discussion with the audience.


The Studio 210 Residency is supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.  Learn more at