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Board of Directors

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"It takes a village" as the old adage goes, and so it does for non-profit organizations in the arts. Without the unflagging support of our Board of Directors, Deborah Slater Dance Theater simply would not have had the spectacular longevity of the past 20 years. For this DSDT is immensely grateful and we give them our sincere thanks here.

Our goal for the company's next 20 years is growth and that means our village needs to grow too. DSDT is currently seeking to recruit additional board members with a passion for elevating the arts to their rightful place in our cultural landscape, and the expertise to facilitate and strengthen the business that supports the artwork.

If you are interested being an integral part of DSDT's future and would like to learn more about becoming a board member, please contact us. (If you would like to lend a hand in a more casual capacity, please consider volunteering for a project or event.)

Lisa Wallgren, Jennifer Kesler, Hilary Bryant, Passing As...The Mathematics of Being
photo by Liz Payne