Deborah Slater Dance Theater - STUDIO 210 SUMMER RESIDENCY, 5th Anniversary

(from left to right) Larry Arrington & Tammy Johnson
Photo by (from left to right) Robbie Sweeny & Michael Baxter

STUDIO 210 SUMMER RESIDENCY, 5th Anniversary

JUL 29 -JUL 30 2016

Performance of

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Admission: Deborah Slater Dance Theater proudly presents:
featuring Tammy Johnson & Larry Arrington

July 29 & 30 at 8:00pm
$15-25 sliding scale

3435 Cesar Chavez St. 
Studio 210
San Francisco CA 94110

DSDT is thrilled to announce the 5th Anniversary of our annual Summer Studio Residency program, featuring Tammy Johnson and Larry Arrington! The 210 Studio Residency, now in it's 5th year, is an experiment in supporting Bay Area artists in need of space to make their work. In these lean times for the arts, DSDT is happy to be able to make a rare offer of rehearsal space, performance opportunities, peer support and professional feedback from Artistic Director Deborah Slater. The residency is intended as a vehicle for emerging artists to hone their skills, experiment, and dive into making performance. We're thrilled to host two fantastic Bay Area artists who are working - through two different strains of cultural research - on the urgent political question of how we creatively declare the worth of our bodies.

“Aiwa” is the arabic word for “yes,” and Johnson’s latest work is grounded in bellydance’s Berber origins through song, the playing of a Daf drum, Assuit costuming, and performed to a Zar-based musical piece called “El Genneyya.” The Zar is used primarily by women to gain relief from spirits through rhythmic movements.

Arrington’s We (solo) is a study of the peculiar conditions of the techno-mediated world we are living in. It examines the effects of alienation from the corporeal context as an extension of patriarchy’s insistence on the separation of man and nature (woman, other, spirit, technology). Beyond critique, it is an excavation into the ruptures of long-held notions of personhood. We (solo) considers what we mean when we say “body.” 

The 210 studio is an intimate space with only approximately 40 seats. 
Read more about the work and the studio residency, and keep up with the artists as they blog about their work at

About the Artists:

Tammy Johnson spent a decade at Race Forward where she gained recognition for her knowledge of equitable public policy practices. Johnson coproduced Race and Economic Recovery with Linktv and has written for the Christian Science Monitor, The Huffington Post, and also facilitates workshops for Shakti Butler’s World Trust, and has authored Step-Together-Step: An Art and Racial Justice Workshop for Liberated Artists and Their Collaborators. Along with Etang Inyang, Johnson forms the award-winning bellydance duo, Raks Africa. They also co-direct Girls Raks Bellydance and Body Image Program, a project that provides young women ages a body-positive experience free from judgment and competition, as well as tools to resist negative media images.

Larry Arrington’s is a dance-artist working in hybrids of idea and practice. Her work in dance pivots around a desire to orient towards the capacities in us all that can glimpse unseen and unutterable horizons, and her performances blend elements that draw upon time, space, body, and wholeness. Her body is her life and her life is her work.

About Studio 210:

For over 30 years, STUDIO 210 has been continuously providing affordable audition, rehearsal, and low-tech performance space in San Francisco's Mission District. Studio 210 highlights include: the ENGAGING THE IMAGINATION festival, featuring Anna Halprin and Deborah Hay, Brechin Flournoy (Butoh), Rachel Kaplan (writing), Deborah Slater (performance techniques), The Field (with Maxine Moerman) and Anna Halpern (movement scores). The studio hosts free Open Rehearsals for National Dance Week, and is used by hundreds of Bay Area musicians, dancers, actors, directors, fashion designers and photographers year round. Children's dance, adult acting and rehearsals happen

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