Deborah Slater Dance Theater - HOTEL OF MEMORIES


What happens when something taken for granted is suddenly gone?   Something encountered every day, part of the fabric of a life, until one day…it disappears. How does one understand what happened, what the loss means. In HOTEL, furniture stands as a metaphor in the exploration of what we take for granted, like art, like loved ones.  They are just there…but what if they weren’t? HOTEL OF MEMORIES - (more) Furniture Dances investigates the depth and meaning behind the things that surround us.

HOTEL OF MEMORIES - (more) Furniture Dances takes its name from an Eric Satie anecdote.  He once described his now famous Gymnopédies (three short works, originally for piano) as “Furniture Music,”  i.e. intended to be heard in the background (read: wallpaper).  That the works are among his most identifiable, virtually his signature sound, is in keeping with Satie’s own bizarre wit and eccentric countenance.

Deborah Slater’s work shifts artists from the background and pushes them to the foreground, celebrating the notion, “ …artists prevail…even though times conspire to make us less and less visible.  Foreground, background, uncertainty…art remains.”  “Furniture”, the word, is derived from old European languages- meaning “moveable”, and Slater’s work does just that.  HOTEL includes surreal maids, Toulouse Lautrec ballerinas, live vocals, accordion, glasses and violin - plus dances with furniture that you shouldn’t try at home.