Editing 101

Editing 101:
Editing Performance Footage for Social Media

Taught by professional videographer and editor Jacob Marks, this course will teach you to create engaging social media content from footage you already have, whether that’s performance footage, rehearsal documentation, or something else! This course will demonstrate techniques and artistic choices for editing content to share with followers, such as excerpts, montages, and more. Appropriate for seasoned creators and newbies alike, Editing 101 can be applied to any editing software and provides the basic framework for creating high-quality social media content.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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About Your Instructor, Jacob Marks

Jacob Marks is a performance videographer/editor with roots in Chicago and Northern California. Jacob has worked professionally in the field since completing a video documentation internship at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in 2012, and graduating Sonoma State University in 2013 with a double major in Dance and Film. Together with his wife Rachel, Jacob currently operates and owns Jacob Marks Productions, which is dedicated to filming live events and performances in the Sacramento and Bay Area. He also works as a videographer for Loren Robertson Productions. Learn more at http://www.jacobmarksproductions.com

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