Dalton Alexander stands in a jean jacket, black dickie pants, and boots as yellow papers fly in front of him on their way to the ground.

DSDT co-presents DALTON ALEXANDER: #Whitenoise

#Whitenoise strives to collide nostalgia for the past with current American affairs. It is a form of protest against social media, its false sense of importance to the individual, but sweeping effect on the collective. It looks to the future that doesn’t look too bright.

Maker + Performer | Dalton Alexander

Dramaturg | María Sanchez Alonso

“For 10 performances, I will explore the effect media – mainstream & social, and various modes of dispersement – has on my human body in relation to my forced return to the US from Europe. What becomes of a projected patriotism that is stomped on? Of a pride that has turned to disgust?

Each performance welcomes a new experience, a different audience, a different being. While I challenge you to question your own relation to media and the US, I also challenge myself to explore the same situation again and again and again, finding new every time (or failing and falling flat, smashing into the ground and rolling over broken plastic).”

– Dalton

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