inCIVILITY: Outrage Machine and A Seat at the Table

“If you’re not on the table, you’re probably on the menu.”

ODC Theater and DSDT co-present parts two and three of the inCIVILITY series. The acclaimed Outrage Machine (2018) is a combination of motion capture, live interactive visual effects, and the expressive power of dance.

The third and final section, A Seat at the Table (world premiere), is inspired by an Adam Gopnik article, “…Who Deserves a Seat at the Table”, and Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.” The project combines athletic interactions inspired by humanity, power, and place with community input about marginalization, powerlessness, and even being shunned.

Dates: Feb 27-29, 8PM | March 1, 5PM | 2020
Location: ODC Theater | 3153 17th St, San Francisco, CA 9411
Tickets: or 415-863-9834 | $20-50

Accessibility Info: The ODC Theater is a wheelchair accessible venue, located near BART & Muni stations.


Performers | Rachel Garcia, Anna Greenberg, Derek Harris, Meegan Hertensteiner, Evan Johnson, Kyle Limin, Hien Huynh 

Sound DesignAaron M. Gold (P.2) Teddy Hulsker (P.3)

Lighting | Allen Willner

Set Design | Dan Ake (P.2), Sean Riley (P.3)

Technical Design | John Fesenko (P.2)

Costume | Christine Crook (P.3)

Dramaturg | Evan Johnson (P.3)

Text | Eugenie Chan (P.3)


Photo by Robbie Sweeny, with Derek Harris & Hien Huynh

Hourly Schedule

February 27th-29th, 2020

8:00pm - 10:00pm

March 1st, 2020

5:00pm - 7:00pm

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