Intro to Screendance Workshop

An embodied introduction to dance videography and filmmaking techniques

Through this one-day workshop, Bay-Area dancer and filmmaker Clare Schweitzer presents an introduction to dance videography/filmmaking framed with the intentions of hybrid creation and embodied seeing. Through a combination of movement exercises, film screening and hands-on learning, students will review the basics of film technique and language while honing skills for capturing movement: from traditional methods of documenting movement material to creative methods of movement generation with the camera. Students will also gain an understanding of performing for the camera and learn tools for facilitating interdisciplinary communication.

All levels of film, and movement experience welcome. All cameras (from iPhones to REDS) welcome.

Tuition is a sliding scale from $50 – $75. To receive the lower tuition rate, use code 65Tuition for $65 tuition; use code 50Tuition for $50 tuition.

This class is available in-person or via Zoom. Please select your preference when registering. The in-person class will be held at Studio 210: 3435 Cesar Chavez, #210, San Francisco, CA 94110.

In-person participants must provide proof of vaccination prior to attending or wear a mask for the duration of the workshop. Unvaccinated individuals must wear a mask for the duration of the workshop.

Further instructions will be sent following registration.


Photo by Kyle Adler, picturing Clare Schweitzer (L) and Jessica DeFranco (R)

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