Studio 210 Summer Residency Performances

Studio 210 presents

an evening of experimental exchanges. Resident artists Nol Simonse and Emelia (Jubilee July) Martinez Brumbaugh research socially and culturally urgent practices, exploring eroticism, fluidity, race, and ritual. The evening is half live performance, half audience-performer discussion, the community is invited to experience and respond to the work of these innovative movement makers.

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Artist Bios:

Emelia Martínez Brumbaugh was born and raised in Maryland; began their dance career in central México, and currently resides in Berkeley, CA. They source embodied creative power to honor/hone the unknown for choreography of a more just reality. Their commitment to creating platforms where creative practice and social healing meet extends to their work as an educator, currently being contracted through LEAP: Arts in Education and Palo Alto Children’s Theatre; a performer, their ongoing solo work, The Mouth, has been shown at Pro Arts Gallery, Temescal Arts Center (TAC), and SAFEHouse Arts; and a creative collaborator, supporting the work of NAKA Dance Theater as Project Coordinator and dancing with LXS DXS, a collective of 6 emerging artists from distinct diasporic heritages healing lineages in community, in movement, and in queer conspiracy.

Nol Simonse is from Washington, D.C., and trained at the Boston Conservatory of Music. He moved to San Francisco in 1997, and helped form the punk rock dance company, Kunst-Stoff. He has worked extensively in the Bay Area, with Stephen Pelton, Eric Kupers, Kara Davis, Christy Funsch, Janice Garrett, Charles Moulton, Sean Dorsey, Carey Perloff, and Val Caniparoli. Nol teaches modern at the Lines Dance Center and Shawl-Anderson Dance Center. He has been awarded an Izzy, a GOLDIE, Luna Dance Institute’s Choreofund prize, and was a CHIME artist in 2017 with mentor Margaret Jenkins.

Miche Wong is a collaborator with Nols and a native Bay Area dancer. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from UC Santa Barbara. She began performing in San Francisco as a dancer and multi-mover with companies such as Capacitor, Flyaway Productions and ZiRu Dance. In 2013, Miche began working with The Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Mainland China’s premiere modern dance company, and performed with GMDC throughout Europe, Australia, the Middle East and China. Her own choreographic works have been presented for Chinese and Bay Area audiences through international dance festivals and local San Francisco venues. Miche teaches for the LINES Ballet training program and other studios throughout California.



Studio 210 is accessible by staff-operated freight elevator, with ADA accessible and gender neutral bathrooms. ID’s will not be checked at the door.  A bike rack is provided discreetly outside the front door.

Please contact beforehand for more information.


Photo of Emelia Martínez Brumbaugh by Ariel Appel

Photos of Miche Wong & Nol Simonse by Nol & Ana Simonse

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