The Sleepwatchers

DSDT Presents:  The Sleepwatchers at ODC Theatre, Tickets: 
Co-Directed by Deborah Slater & Jim Cave, Asst. Director Derek Harris

The Sleepwatchers, critically acclaimed and nominated for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award following its premiere in 2001, is brought back to life for DSDT’s 30th anniversary home season. The Sleepwatchers is inspired by the eponymous book by Dr. William Dement, M.D., Ph.D., the world’s leading authority on sleep, sleep disorders, and the dangers of sleep deprivation.

These excerpts look at sleep metaphorically and literally, examining how it affects society’s mental and physical well-being.

“To try and resolve the irresolvable, say the unspeakable, is something only possible maybe in dreams (or in gesture, the non-verbal language of dance. Slater’s choreography is magnificent in this respect). The dancers manage to manipulate the sublime through the physical, depicting with their bodies the elusive nature of dreams, how by trying to capture them, you ensure their disappearance.” CRITICALDANCE.COM

Tickets $15-$50, at or by calling 415-863-9834. 

These performance of The Sleepwatchers were made possible by the Opportunity Fund at ODC Theater supported by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation. 

All photos by Robbie Sweeny, featuring Meegan Hertensteiner, Derek Harris, Jenny McAllister, Vincent Hwang, Kyle Limin, and Nol Simonse




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